Travis E. Ross

I am an interdisciplinary scholar focused on knowledge and information systems, particularly during moments of rapid transformation due to novel market forces or technological advances. Whether in my first project about the for-profit research company that created the Bancroft Library or in my emerging second project about the computerization of the Veteran’s Health Administration a century later, I use deeply contextualized historical case studies to investigate broader systemic changes in how we have—and have expected to—access and create, buy and sell, and store and use knowledge and information in moments that produced both at unprecedented scales.

I am currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Yale Center for Medical Informatics and a researcher at VA Connecticut’s West Haven VA Medical Center. Prior to my current appointment, I was a lecturer in the Department of History at Yale.

I am a researcher, teacher, and public historian with a PhD in history from the University of Utah. Originally from western Montana, I currently live with my wife and two children in New England.